As IT industry is developing by leaps and bounds, Japanese enterprises will have to face and to deal with various problems and troubles emerged in computer. 

But, if preparation is made to prevent the above problems, it’s not necessary to meet an emergency. For this reason, a comfortable environment becomes indispensable.

The followings are some tailored recommendations for various problems.

Examples of preparation
Intensifying security management of server
To control the access of exterior and interior users for fear of loss of data
Intensifying security management of LAN
To prevent important information from losing
Security management against virus
To pay more attention to the accessories of strange e-mails
Computer security
Computer analysis
Contents analysis

(Personal use)
Check the records of e-mail of personal computer
Check the source of e-mail
Check the information from Internet
Check the file folders
Check backup of HDD
Check the real time of e-mail
Check picture file folders
Check the home page
Check safekeeping media

(Corporation use)
Check the backup of HDD is complete
Check personal computer
Check the keeping of notebook PC
Check the environment of LAN
Check the use of e-mail
Check the information from Internet

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